MEDICMICRO Rue du Progrès 31A,Technopôle 1450 Sainte-Croix SWITZERLAND

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The Mm961 is the latest product of MEDICMICRO range. This modular tool is the most powerful with a max torque value of 11.2 Ncm.


It is compatible with the entire range of the MEDICMICRO handpieces.

It was designed for small injuries and is recommended for the hind foot and the upper limb surgery or ligamentoplasty.

It can be used as a pen or with the ergonomic handle provided for this purpose. It allows to guide the pins up to Ø3.0 mm and insert screws of diameter 7 mm with an appropriate angle adapter.


power tool


The MEDICMICRO pedal automatically detects our surgical power tools.

It self-regulates the speed depending on the surgical power tool chosen by the practitioner.

The forecast speed is progressive and programmed based on the high precision required by surgeons of the hand and the foot.

This smart pedal is used without console.


Power Tools

Our handpieces are manufactured in Swiss with all due rigor to obtain high technology products.

Easy to use, they allow a safe and fast implementation.