MEDICMICRO Rue du Progrès 31A,Technopôle 1450 Sainte-Croix SWITZERLAND

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Data Sheet


Mm850 Power tool

The Mm850 power tool is a surgical device designed for implantology and maxillofacial surgery. With a long nose, it is suitable to fit most of the handpieces used in facial or dental maxillofacial surgery.

Ref : 105.02.000

Speed max : 40’000 Tr/min

Couple max : 5 Ncm

Weight : 260 g

Smart Foot control

This MEDICMICRO footcontrol is used with Mm850 and Mm961 powertools. 

Easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design and an embedded electronic system.

Ref : 206.00.010

Degree of protection against electrical hazards according to ISO60601-1 : B

IP code : IPX6

Weight : 2405 g

Yellow button : low speed

Blue button : high speed

Orange button : reverse

Power Supply

Ref : 104.00.002

Weight : 730 g