MEDICMICRO Rue du Progrès 31A,Technopôle 1450 Sainte-Croix SWITZERLAND

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Data Sheet


Mm950 Power tool

This powertool is easy to use and specifically developed for percutaneous surgery. This powertool is compact and is used with MEDICMICRO footcontrol for burs of Ø2.35 mm.

Its progressive preset speed of 0-8000 rpm provides high operational reliability with optimized torque for the named technique.

Ref : 105.00.000

Speed max : 8’000 Tr/min

Couple max : 12,6 Ncm

Weight : 250 g

Smart Foot control

This MEDICMICRO footcontrol is used with Mm950, Mm951 powertools. 

Easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design and an embedded electronic system.

Ref : 205.00.010

Degree of protection against electrical hazards according to ISO60601-1 : B

IP code : IPX8

Weight : 2405 g

Yellow button : low speed

Blue button : high speed

Orange button : reverse

Power Supply

Ref : 104.00.002

Weight : 730 g